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(a) Specialization
Expomal International’s extensive experience in organizing diverse events has provided great insight into the unique business practices and cultures, giving it invaluable understanding of the exhibition industry. It formulates strong concepts and thorough implementation until completion with proper feedback from clients for follow-up purposes. It has been very successful in “growing” a show and “adding value” with various highlights and thematic focuses to make it an effective business platform for all.

(b) Understanding of the Exhibition Industry
With continuous research and analysis, Expomal International has a clear understanding of the industry in Malaysia and beyond; and accurate perspective of its climate, pace, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and trends.  

(c) Quality Service and Products
Repetition of events can be used as a measuring gauge and testimony to the services and products of Expomal International. Besides providing hassle-free and rewarding experiences to all parties, it strongly believes that giving peace of mind, delivering a dependable and reliable outcome is essential.  

(d) Professional and Experienced Staff
Headed by a reputable corporate citizen Y.Bhg Tan Sri Datuk Mustafa Mansur, current Chairman of Expomal International, its staff force is well trained and experienced to provide undivided attention to every aspect of the event. They work hard to make every experience with them the best it can be.

(e) Strong International marketing support
Expomal International has developed highly focused marketing strategies with offices and representatives in major cities in Asia Pacific to solicit and provide better service to its overseas clients.

(f) Strategic Network
Expomal International is blessed with having a close relationship     with different authorities, associations, corporations, media and suppliers involved in the industry. It always emphasizes trust, openness and honesty as the critical components of its relationship. This strategic network of resources that is ready to serve and add value and impact.



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