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Experienced in organizing events of different natures from conceptualisation to final staging. They include trade fairs, consumer fairs, carnivals, conferences, seminars and highly specialized events such as award presentation ceremonies, fashion shows and many others.


Doing things right, not just in organizing events, but also delivering contacts that create value for customers’ businesses by maximizing local and international business networking opportunities through associated conferences, features, highlights and special programs.


Reputed for delivering high quality, high profile events, which are professionally organized and respected by the industries it serves.


Firsthand information and understanding of industries in Malaysia and the region, which include their climates, trends, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.


Strive to achieve total clients’ satisfaction by its highly dedicated and well trained team who always works hard to provide undivided attention to every phase and aspect of the event.


Sharing of experience, knowledge and resources among its team, associates, local and international trade organizations, media and other parties concerned for mutual benefits. Working together, it rises to greater heights.


The ultimate goal of Expomal International is to be one of the market leaders in the region.


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